Wheel Sleeve Belts

Our sleeves fit both ventilated and inflatable wheels on Finimaster, PTX and similar machines. Ceramic abrasive is the fastest to cleaning and preparing steel with scale and deeper scratches. TrizactTM 337 belts are fastest to achieve satin or brushed finishes, with TrizactTM 237 proving a faster route to a polish. Zirconium (coarser grades) and aluminium oxide (finer grades) followed by surface conditioning provides a good process for re-finishing.

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Zirconium Abrasive Sleeve Belts (TZ59)

Zirconium Abrasive Sleeve Belts (TZ59)From:  £15.56

Flexible zirconium sleeves do the coarser preparation work in grades from 36 to 120.

Fine Grade Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Sleeves (JF4Top)

Fine Grade Aluminium Oxide Abrasive Sleeves (JF4Top)From:  £26.01

For finer sanding in grades 180 to 400, JF4T is a top coated high purity aluminium oxide abrasive that works metals as hard as stainless steel.

Ceramic FX87 Sleeve Belts - Packs of 10.

Ceramic FX87 Sleeve Belts - Packs of 10.From:  £26.18

Ceramic abrasive sleeve perform best when high pressure is being applied for rapid stock removal or stubburn surface contaminants like millscale need to be removed. Grades 40-120.

Surface Conditioning Material  (SCM) Sleeves

Surface Conditioning Material (SCM) SleevesFrom:  £48.24

Surface conditioning material cleans and gives brushed or satin finishes to metal, with good consistency. Available in coarse, medium and v fine.

Trizact™ 337DC Finimaster Sleeve Belts

Trizact™ 337DC Finimaster Sleeve BeltsFrom:  £59.90

TrizactTM 337 gives rapid stock removal and quickly gets stainless steel to a brushed finish in fewer steps than normal abrasives.

TrizactTM is a trade name of 3M.

Micro Finish Sleeve Belts

Micro Finish Sleeve Belts£63.58

Micro-finishing abrasive gives high precision in surface finish, usually in fine grades.

Trizact™ 237AA Sleeve Belts

Trizact™ 237AA Sleeve BeltsFrom:  £51.90

TrizactTM 237AA helps achieve fine finishes quickly and with good consistency. Available to near polish grade A6 (P2000).

TrizactTM is a trade mark of 3MTM