Tungsten Carbide Burrs

We stock a broad range of tungsten carbide burrs in the many shapes shown below. Most have 6mm dia spindles for use on die-grinders or drills, but a 3mm spindle options is available in most shapes, for use on small tooling such as Dremels. You can also chose a handy kit with a selection of carbide burrs for either hard metal or non-ferrous metals. 

These two pages list the extensive range of burr shapes on offer. 

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90 Degree Countersink Carbide Burrs

90 Degree Countersink Carbide BurrsFrom:  £7.91

Good for countersinking for many screw heads. Three sizes stocked. Also eeffective on wood.

Ball Nosed Cone Carbide Burrs

Ball Nosed Cone Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.40

A useful shape for rounding small corner welds.

Pointed Cone Carbide Burrs

Pointed Cone Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.21

These burrs get right into angles and corners.

Inverted Cone Carbide Burrs

Inverted Cone Carbide BurrsFrom:  £12.43

Inverted cone carbide burrs enable a hidden back edge to be shaped and de-burred.

Hard Metal Carbide Burr Set

Hard Metal Carbide Burr Set£56.99   £51.29

This kit provides a convenient set of different shapes of carbide burrs for use on hard metal. Ideal for any engineering workshop.

Non-Ferrous Metal Carbide Burr Set

Non-Ferrous Metal Carbide Burr Set£63.91   £57.52

This kit contains five useful burr profiles for use on non-ferrous metal, including aluminium and copper.