Tungsten Carbide Burrs

We stock a broad range of tungsten carbide burrs in the many shapes shown below. Most have 6mm dia spindles for use on die-grinders or drills, but a 3mm spindle options is available in most shapes, for use on small tooling such as Dremels. You can also chose a handy kit with a selection of carbide burrs for either hard metal or non-ferrous metals. 

These two pages list the extensive range of burr shapes on offer. 

If you are unsure of the best burr to select for your application our carbide burr selection guide may help.

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Flat End Cylinder Carbide Burrs

Flat End Cylinder Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.31

Ideal burrs for reaming bores. Hard and non-ferrous types in stock.

Cylinder End Cut Carbide Burrs

Cylinder End Cut Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.48

Best option for working the base of flat cylinders.

Carbide Burrs - Dome End (Bull nose) Cylinder

Carbide Burrs - Dome End (Bull nose) CylinderFrom:  £3.31

A good shape for reaming clearance holes and for corner weld dressing. Hard metal and non-ferrous stocked.

Ball (Dome) End Carbide Burrs

Ball (Dome) End Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.31

A useful shape for round hollows and recesses, can also get behind overhung edges.

Oval End Carbide Burrs

Oval End Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.31

These burrs are a useful shape for chamferring edges and dressing corner welds.

Round Tree Carbide Burrs

Round Tree Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.31

These burrs are handy for dressing tight corner TIG welds. Non-ferrous options available to dressed brazed corners.

Pointed Tree Carbide Burrs

Pointed Tree Carbide BurrsFrom:  £4.47

This shape of burr will get right into right angles to dress corners.

Flame Shaped Carbide Burrs

Flame Shaped Carbide BurrsFrom:  £3.31

A good choice for workng the edges of shapes and profiles.

60 Degree Countersink Carbide Burrs

60 Degree Countersink Carbide BurrsFrom:  £9.87

Two burr sizes stocked. Good for countersinking holes.