Stripping Wheels

Stripping wheels are usually used on their edges (as opposed to discs for face use), making either spindle mounted or plain for shaft mounting, ideal for cleaning detailed surfaces. The brush wheel fits many burnishing machines. All can be used for stripping rust, paint or coatings off metal or wood. They will also condition the surface of metal leaving a brushed finish.

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Spindle Mounted Stripping Wheels

Spindle Mounted Stripping Wheels£5.40

These spindle mounted stripping wheels can be put straight in to a chuck or collet for immediate use. Available in 100mm diameter.

Plain Stripping Wheels

Plain Stripping WheelsFrom:  £2.80

Plain discs or wheels can be mounted to fixed (including tapered) spindle machines, or by using our mandrel (shaft assembly) they can be mounted for use on hand tools.

Stripping & Satinising Wheel Brush (FMCS)

Stripping & Satinising Wheel Brush (FMCS)£56.00

FMCS wheels are for stripping coatings, de-rusting, brush finishing and roughing prior to coating or glueing.