Stripping Discs - Strip Clean

Stripping discs and wheels are available in different formats for use on different tools. Backed discs are ideal for angle grinders, rotary sanders and rotary polishers with standard M14 spindles. Quick change discs are for use on Roloc compatible holders, either spindle mounted (eg for use on die-grinders and drills) or M14 for the machines as above. 

There are also wheel formats which include spindle mounted, eg for use on drills and plain with centre holes for use on polishing mills and other rotating shaft machines.

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Angle Grinder Stripping Discs - Strip Clean

Angle Grinder Stripping Discs - Strip CleanFrom:  £4.60

Strip Clean cup discs fit angle grinders and are used face down to strip large areas of paint and rust quickly. No backing pad needed.

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping Discs

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping DiscsFrom:  £1.90

These small 50 and 75mm stripping discs are compatible with the Roloc and Lockit type quick change systems.