Quick Change Discs - Roloc Compatible

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Roloc Type Quick Change Sanding Discs:

Roloc Type Quick Change Sanding Discs:From:  £11.65

This performance sanding range runs from coarse grades 24 to 120 up to very fine grade 320 in aluminium oxide abrasive.

Roloc Type Quick Change Surface Conditioning Discs

Roloc Type Quick Change Surface Conditioning DiscsFrom:  £20.72

Surface conditioning discs remove light coatings and scratch marks, blend welds and leave a bright finish on metal.

Ceramic Abrasive Quick Change Discs

Ceramic Abrasive Quick Change DiscsFrom:  £40.21

Ceramic abrasive discs give the fastest performance on all steels, including stainless steel and alloys.

Quick Change Felt Polishing Discs

Quick Change Felt Polishing DiscsFrom:  £1.90

Felt quick change discs are used with suitable polishing compounds to achieve finishes up to a mirror polish.

Kits: Quick Change Roloc Compatible Discs

Kits: Quick Change Roloc Compatible Discs£65.00

These Kits are an ideal way to get you started with Quick Change Discs, with some of each grade and the holders required for angle grinders/polishers and drills/airtools.

Power Zirconium Quick Change Discs

Power Zirconium Quick Change DiscsFrom:  £59.28

Power zirconium discs have added grinding aids for use on harder alloys.

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping Discs

Quick Change (Roloc Compatible) Stripping DiscsFrom:  £1.90

These small 50 and 75mm stripping discs are compatible with the Roloc and Lockit type quick change systems.

Unitised Quick Change Discs (Roloc Compatible)

Unitised Quick Change Discs (Roloc Compatible)From:  £6.06

Unitised discs, often known as pre-polishing discs can save a lot of work in improving metal surfaces towards a polish.