Mortar Rakes - Diamond Raking Blades

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Dual Cut Mortar Rakes

Dual Cut Mortar RakesFrom:  £19.00

A simple idea, effectively combining two diamond blades to provide more cutting and less grinding action. An economical, effective mortar rake in sizes 115 and 125mm in 6.4 and 8.5mm widths.

Premium Mortar Raking Diamond Blades

Premium Mortar Raking Diamond BladesFrom:  £32.00

These superior mortar raking diamond blades have TC inserts to protect the leading edges of the laser welds. Available in 115, 125 & 230mm diameters and 6.4 & 8mm widths.

Mortar Raking Fingers

Mortar Raking FingersFrom:  £7.56

These mortar raking fingers are useful to rake out mortar on short runs or around shapes such as random stonework.