Metal Polishing Wheels

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Stitched Cotton Mops

Stitched Cotton MopsFrom:  £5.64

Stitched cotton mops are slightly compliant and ideal for final polishing.

Loose Cotton Polishing Mop Wheels

Loose Cotton Polishing Mop WheelsFrom:  £8.24

Loose cotton mops make ideal polishing wheels for final finishing especially on complex shapes.

Sisal Polishing Wheels

Sisal Polishing WheelsFrom:  £5.83

Sisal polishing wheels give more aggression when used with suitable polishes.

Unitised Metal Finishing Wheels

Unitised Metal Finishing WheelsFrom:  £12.20

Unitised wheels improve metal surfaces by removing coating and scratches and leaving bright finishes.

Spindle Mounted Unitised Wheels

Spindle Mounted Unitised WheelsFrom:  £48.51

These unitised wheels enable die-grinders and drills to pre-polish and satin finish metal.

Convolute Finishing Wheels

Convolute Finishing WheelsFrom:  £13.96

Convolute wheels are made for applying fine finishes to metal such as stainless steel and brushed aluminium.

Felt Polishing Tips

Felt Polishing TipsFrom:  £1.86

Small recresses and shapes can be polished with spindle mounted felt points.

Finiteasy Felt Polishing Wheel

Finiteasy Felt Polishing Wheel£18.09

This felt wheel fits the Finiteasy machine as is ideal for polishing inside corners.

Plain Stripping Wheels

Plain Stripping WheelsFrom:  £2.80

Plain discs or wheels can be mounted to fixed (including tapered) spindle machines, or by using our mandrel (shaft assembly) they can be mounted for use on hand tools.