Metal Polishing Discs

Metal polishing with discs can result in swirl patterns which may or may not be desirable. Polishing to a mirror finish (completing all stages) should avoid this. Polishing discs should thus be considered in the context of an overall process, depending on the start state and required finish of the metal. Trizact, unitised and felt discs may all be used as a combined process. We make this quicker by having all of available in grip disc form.

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Felt Polishing Discs - Grip Backed (PVG)

Felt Polishing Discs - Grip Backed (PVG)From:  £3.40

Felt discs with grip backing are ideal for final polishing stainless steel, when used with polishing compounds.

Felt Polishing Discs - Mounted (VAP)

Felt Polishing Discs - Mounted (VAP)From:  £10.40

These felt discs are mounted on a backing plate for convenient use in polishing metal, plastic and lacquer.

Quick Change Felt Polishing Discs

Quick Change Felt Polishing DiscsFrom:  £1.90

Felt quick change discs are used with suitable polishing compounds to achieve finishes up to a mirror polish.

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Trizact™ Grip Discs - Packs of 10.

Trizact™ Grip Discs - Packs of 10.From:  £17.90

These grip discs use 3MTM TrizactTM make TIG weld blending easy and help to quickly polish stainless steel.

TrizactTM is a trade name of 3MTM.

Unitised Grip Discs

Unitised Grip DiscsFrom:  £7.14

Unitised grip discs help remove several stages in metal polishing. As grip discs they can form part of a polishing sequence with ceramic, Trizact and felt grip discs.

Unitised Metal Polishing Discs (SAG Range)

Unitised Metal Polishing Discs (SAG Range)From:  £10.80

These unitised discs are often known as pre-polishing discs and can save a lot of traditional stages in the metal preparation and polishing process.

Unitised Quick Change Discs (Roloc Compatible)

Unitised Quick Change Discs (Roloc Compatible)From:  £6.06

Unitised discs, often known as pre-polishing discs can save a lot of work in improving metal surfaces towards a polish.