Metal Grinding Discs

These metal grinding discs are for use on angle grinders. Our bonded abrasive discs are used to quickly grind mild steel and cast iron. Popular sizes 115mm, 125mm and 230mm are stocked. The RCD gives a great grinding option for aluminium. 

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Rapid Combi-Discs

Rapid Combi-DiscsFrom:  £10.66

 Rapid Combi-Discs will remove a tig weld and leave a fine finish on stainless steel in one operation. The ultra coarse grade is also ideal for grinding aluminium.

Standard Metal Grinding Discs

Standard Metal Grinding DiscsFrom:  £13.60

We stock high quality metal grinding discs for popular angle grinders in sizes 115mm, 125mm and 230mm. These are suitable for mild steel and cast iron.