Linishing, Grinding & Notching Machine Belts

For most workshops our heavy duty zirconium belts offer great performance on all steels. For rapid grinding, such as tube notching, it is usually worth upgrading to ceramic abrasive. Our aluminium oxide belts are industrial duty and ideal for mild steel and wood.

If you don't see either the abrasive you need, or the size to suit your belt sander, then please contact us for a quote. 

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Machine Belts - Aluminium Oxide

Machine Belts - Aluminium OxideFrom:  £15.57

Aluminium oxide abrasive is ideal for wood, mild steel and cast iron.

Machine Belts - Zirconium HZ72

Machine Belts - Zirconium HZ72From:  £17.17

These are heavy duty zirconium (HZ72) belts in grades from 36 to 120, Ideal for all grinding and tube notching ferrous metals, including stainless steel.

Machine Belts - Ceramic Abrasive, FX87

Machine Belts - Ceramic Abrasive, FX87From:  £17.96

FX87 ceramic abrasive significantly outperforms other abrasives, giving faster performance on hard metals and much prolonged life.

Knife Maker Belt Sets

Knife Maker Belt SetsFrom:  £56.53

We have compiled mixed grade sets of belts to meet the need of special purpose knife craft belt grinders.