Linishing, Grinding & Notching Machine Belts

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Machine Belts - Aluminium Oxide

Machine Belts - Aluminium OxideFrom:  £14.69

Aluminium oxide abrasive is ideal for wood, mild steel and cast iron.

Machine Belts - Zirconium

Machine Belts - ZirconiumFrom:  £15.39

These are heavy duty zirconium belts in grades from 36 to 120, Ideal for all ferrous metals, especially stainless steel.

Machine Belts - Ceramic Abrasive

Machine Belts - Ceramic AbrasiveFrom:  £15.90

Ceramic abrasive significantly outperforms other abrasives, giving faster performance on hard metals and much prolonged life.

Knife Maker Belt Sets

Knife Maker Belt SetsFrom:  £55.29

We have compiled mixed grade sets of belts to meet the need of special purpose knife craft belt grinders.