Flap Discs

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Standard Zirconium Flap Discs

Standard Zirconium Flap DiscsFrom:  £16.00

Our standard zirconium flap discs offer superb value in the popular 115mm size.

Rapid Combi-Discs

Rapid Combi-DiscsFrom:  £10.66

 Rapid Combi-Discs will remove a tig weld and leave a fine finish on stainless steel in one operation. The ultra coarse grade is also ideal for grinding aluminium.

Surface Conditioning (SCM) Flap Discs

Surface Conditioning (SCM) Flap DiscsFrom:  £6.81

Surface conditioning flap discs give controlled abrasive action, removing light coatings and leaving a bright finish.

Ceramic Flap Discs

Ceramic Flap DiscsFrom:  £3.50

 Ceramic abrasive flap discs offer a massive increase in life (typically 3 x equivalent zirconium) and faster grinding performance.

Premium Zirconium Flap Discs

Premium Zirconium Flap DiscsFrom:  £1.95

These premium zirconium flap discs are stocked in sizes 100, 115, 125 & 180mm and are ideal for stainless steel and hard ferrous alloys.