Diamond Polishing Pads, Discs & Blocks

We stock 100mm (4") diamond polishing pads for both wet and dry use. These are ideal for polishing granite and marble worktops. The diamond Flexiblocks are also very useful for edge dressing slabs, tiles and glass tops as well as polishing small areas.
For concrete and stone floors, the 17" 'Storm Pads' are a popular choice. Halo discs are a relatively new option giving a range of finishes from light grinding to dull smooth using hand held grinders and floor polishers.

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Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet Use

Diamond Polishing Pads - Wet UseFrom:  £9.40

Wet polishing pads are the preferred choice in situations where it is suitable to use water.

Dry Use Diamond Polishing Pads

Dry Use Diamond Polishing PadsFrom:  £10.20

These diamond pads are designed for dry use where the use of water would be problematic, such as in a pre-installed kitchen.

3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pads.

3 Stage Diamond Polishing Pads.From:  £8.20

 This 3-stage polishing pad kit provides a low cost option for polishing smaller areas.

Backing Pads For Diamond Polishing

Backing Pads For Diamond PolishingFrom:  £12.80

We stock the recommomended backing pads for both the wet and dry diamond polishing discs.

Diamond Hand Blocks -'Flexiblock'

Diamond Hand Blocks -'Flexiblock'From:  £17.90

Diamond hand blocks are stocked from grade 60 to 7000 enabling full capability from stock removal to near polish on granite, stone, tiles and glass. Ideal for edge smoothing as well as stone polishing by hand.

Concrete Smoothing & Polishing Discs - Halo Discs

Concrete Smoothing & Polishing Discs - Halo DiscsFrom:  £23.60

Halo concrete polishing discs enable you to grind, smooth and polish concrete floors at low cost. Grades 30 to 400.

17in Diamond Floor Polishing Pads

17in Diamond Floor Polishing PadsFrom:  £54.00

These diamond floor polishing 'Storm' pads fit many 17in floor polishing and preparation machines and give long life.

Diamond Smoothing Discs

Diamond Smoothing DiscsFrom:  £24.50

These discs are coated in industrial diamond to give efficient smoothing action on granite and other stone. Ideal for smoothing out lippage on floors, cut marks on stone and for edge-breaking slabs. Available in 3 grades.

Floor Dry Polishing Diamond Discs -180mm

Floor Dry Polishing Diamond Discs -180mmFrom:  £24.00

These 180mm diameter discs are ideal for many hand-held polishers and for walk-behind floor polishers with a grip backing pad. They can be used dry to polish stone and concrete floors and worktops.