Diamond Core Drill Bits For Construction

Generally, dry core bits are used for horizontal drilling into walls and wet core bits are used for ground-work. The dry core bits could also be used wet (or dry) for ground drilling.
Dry core bits are normally used on suitable hand-held drills. Wet core bits are better used on suitable drilling rigs or static drills.

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Lazer Diamond Dry Core Drill Bits

Lazer Diamond Dry Core Drill BitsFrom:  £21.50

The Lazer range of diamond core drill bits has a market leading specification to drill tough materials quickly.

Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep Walls

Extended Dry Diamond Core Bits For Deep WallsFrom:  £33.60

 These diamond core drill bits have extended barrels to make it easier to drill into deep walls such as commonly found in old buildings.

Core Drill Accessories

Core Drill AccessoriesFrom:  £1.50

We provide core drill bit adaptors to suit hexagon and SDS type power drills, along with the necessary guide drills.

Wet Diamond Core Drill Bits

Wet Diamond Core Drill BitsFrom:  £46.00

We stock a range of wet use diamond core drill bits for concrete and stone.

Diamond Core Drill Kits

Diamond Core Drill Kits£175.00

These diamond core drill kits are compiled with electricians in mind, although most plumbers will also find the kit very useful. It includes extended barrel cores in the smaller sizes and features the premium 'Lazer' core bit range.