Unitised & Convolute Finishing Wheels

The unitised wheel range is suitable for several machines, but the smaller ones will fit to a tapered spindle. These are available for drills and for some polishing mills. Others can be mounted on rotating shaft machines. Convolute wheels tend to be used on grinding mills or other rotating shaft machines where the component can be presented to the wheel. The spindle mounted options are ideal for drill chucks and variable speed die-grinders. We stock a dedicated range for the Finiteasy machine, but these can also be used on other machines that can accommodate a 25.4mm centre.

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Spindle Mounted Unitised Wheels

Spindle Mounted Unitised WheelsFrom:  £48.51

These unitised wheels enable die-grinders and drills to pre-polish and satin finish metal.

Unitised Metal Finishing Wheels

Unitised Metal Finishing WheelsFrom:  £12.20

Unitised wheels improve metal surfaces by removing coating and scratches and leaving bright finishes.

Convolute Finishing Wheels

Convolute Finishing WheelsFrom:  £13.96

Convolute wheels are made for applying fine finishes to metal such as stainless steel and brushed aluminium.

Finiteasy Unitised Wheels

Finiteasy Unitised WheelsFrom:  £19.13

These wheels are designed for use on the Finiteasy machine for removing and polishing fillet welds, but they can be used on other machines also.

Unitised Discs For 125mm Polishers

Unitised Discs For 125mm PolishersFrom:  £15.79

These discs are for use on standard 125mm polishers to remove and polish corner welds.