Sanding Blocks

Our diamond blocks are highly effective on stone, glass and tiles. For sandpaper we find the disc holders ideal for using standard grip discs. For non-woven abrasive in either hand pad or roll form, the grip holders are especially useful on flat surfaces.

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Diamond Hand Blocks -'Flexiblock'

Diamond Hand Blocks -'Flexiblock'From:  £17.90

Diamond hand blocks are stocked from grade 60 to 7500 enabling full capability from stock removal to near polish on granite, stone, tiles and glass.

Hand Sanding Blocks For Discs

Hand Sanding Blocks For DiscsFrom:  £6.90

These foam hand sanding blocks have grip base and sides in the shape of a sanding disc, enabling you to use the discs for both machine and hand sanding.

Hand Pad Holder

Hand Pad Holder£6.73

These holders help to get the best from non-woven abrasives such as hand-pads, especially on flat surfaces.