Tile Drill Bits For LED Installation

Monday, 6 January 2020  |  Admin

New Tile Drill Bits - Ideal For LED Cut-Outs

We have just introduced a range of tile drill bits that cover sizes from 25mm to 117mm diameters. The range includes the sizes needed to suit most flush fitting LED cut-outs as well as most plumbing requirements. They use premium grade diamond, bonded by vacuum brazing for extreme durability. They are designed for use on angle grinders in order to provide adequate power for fast drilling in the hardest tiles, even grade 5 porcelain.

As well as plumbers needing to get water and waste pipes through tiles, electricians are increasingly being asked to install flush fitting LEDs into bathrooms, wet room, externally into patios and in swimming pools. There are no international standards for sizes of these lamps and so the industry requires a wide range of different cut-outs. Our research has ensured that we have covered the vast majority of these requirements in the new dill bit range.

Tile Drill Bit Range For Fitting LEDs and Plumbing  These tile drills are driven by angle grinders.