Rescue Blades The Blade To Cut Almost Anything

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1 Blade for Every Eventuality

Here we are going to show to you the "Rescue" blade and talk about its performance and versatility, 

Our diamond rescue blades will cut almost anything, they are called rescue blades due to their popularity in rescue situations where different material needs to be cut and removed quickly and efficiently. Although they are named rescue blades due to their use with the emergency services they have a far wider use and will cut almost anything you would need to cut on a construction site, masonry, brick, concrete, steel, fibreglass, wood with nails, cable, composites just to name a few. 

Designed in sizes to suit hand held angle grinders and the 12 inch petrol saws, these diamond blades are the perfect "come to" blade for almost any scenario.

They are made with a super abrasive externally bonded diamond, meaning the diamond is on the outside giving more diamond contact during cutting than standard blades. Self cooling air holes avoid the blade overheating and ensure it can cut quickly and aggressively.

Due to the popularity of the rescue blades we have just brought in a 75mm version for die-grinders, 1 rescue blade will outlast approximately 50 standard slitting discs, we also stock the mounting arbor for these blades. 

Suitable to be used either wet or dry. 

75mm has a standard 9.6mm bore to be used on die-grinders
115 - 230mm is suitable for hand held angre grinders. 
300mm will suit most petrol saws.

If you require anymore information on "Rescue Blades" or any of our other products please feel free to contact us

Thursday, 9 September 2021  |  3:21

Black silicon carbide also has a good cutting effect