Removing Dust - The Use of Tack Cloths

Monday, 19 August 2019  |  Admin

Removing Dust - The Use of Tack Cloths

When you are looking to create a professional looking finish on any surface it is important to ensure that you have effectively removed any dust from the surfaces during the processes and prior to any final polishing, painting or coating. 

A tack cloth also referred to as a tack rag, is a loosely woven cheesecloth which has been impregnated with beeswax, creating an excellent way of removing the smallest dust particles from surfaces to get them ready for painting, staining or finishing.

For polishing metal for example, if you do not remove the dust created by your early abrasive grit, you will be working against yourself as you attempt to go up the grits to get your desired finish.

How a Tack Cloth Works

Although this may appear similar to just simply wiping your surface down with a damp cloth, the tack cloths avoid any potential effects of water getting into your porous surface, whilst the tacky surface picks up even the smallest of dust particles that would often be missed using general cleaning materials. 

Tack cloths come in small squares in their own individual packaging, depending on the use they are often cut into smaller pieces to work with, once used you dispose of the cloth, they are not a reusable product. 

How to Use Tack Cloths

  • Before using the tack cloth, hoover off, or using a clean dry cotton towel, wipe down the surface, this is to remove as much of the large dirt/debris as possible before using the tack cloth
  • Using a knife with the correct protective equipment carefully cut the tack cloths into smaller more manageable strips. We would not recommend using scissors as they tend to clog up easily. 
  • Gently wipe the cloth in one direction across the surface that requires cleaning, avoid putting hard pressure on the surface and allow the tackiness of the cloth to do the work.
  • Dispose of after use.

We stock the "Original Tack Rags" this is a world renowed brand for its quality of tack cloths that has been in business since 1980, if you require any further information or advice on the use of this product or anything else in our product portfolio please feel free to contact us

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