Granite Turbo Diamond Blades

Thursday, 8 August 2019  |  Admin

Granite Turbo Diamond Blades

Here we are going to showcase you our ever popular Granite Turbo diamond blades, these diamond cutting blades have been a firm favourite for some time now, however we have only ever stocked them in the 300mm and 230mm sizes. 

This has now changed with us adding to our range by introducing them in the 115mm, 125mm and 350mm options. 

These are the come to diamond blade if you are needing to achieve smooth, neat cuts on hard building materials. Making them a perfect selection for roof tiles, granite slabs, clay blocks and bricks.  This being said they are also a great diamond blade for general site use, more robust in their construction than segmented diamond blades. 

If you are working with granite worktops or profiling routers may be of interest to you.