New: Diamond Smoothing Discs

Monday, 26 October 2020  |  Admin

New: Diamond Smoothing Discs

Diamond smoothing discs are 100mm diamond coated discs with grip (Velcro type) backing. This enables them to be used as part of a system, along with 100mm diamond polishing discs, to smooth off surfaces where required before moving on to polishing. Sometimes the action of coarser diamond grinders can leave score marks. Likewise cutting can leave circular marks on the cut edge. Diamond smoothing discs can be applied to these surfaces to provide a smoother base for polishing. 

They are also useful for those light grinding jobs that don't justify the purchase of a diamond grinder, or where a diamond grinder might be too coarse. Typical applications include removing lippage on a stone floor, lightly chamfering a stone edge and exposing aggregate on a concrete surface to be polished. They are used on the same backing pads on the same polishers (or variable speed grinders) as diamond polishing discs.

They are available in 3 grades, 30 (coarse), 50 (medium) and 100 (fine). The materials removal rate will be much higher than with the polishing discs of the same grade, so they will do the smoothing work much faster. 

The diamond is bonded to the disc by vacuum brazing which gives a tremendously strong bond. It can thus be applied to the hardest stone grades, including granite, york stone, terrazzo and porcelain.

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