Diamond Drill Bits for Tiles

Friday, 20 September 2019  |  Admin

Diamond Drill Bits for Tiles

One of the difficulties with tiling has always been how to drill clean neat holes, certainly with the harder porcelain tiles. We stock a variety of different tile drills to combat almost any tile in any environment. We offer tile drill bits for ceramic and glass tiles, premium dry use diamond drill bits for harder tiles and stone when using water is not suitable, we also stock a large variety of sizes in our premium wet use till drill bits. 

Below we will give you an introduction to each of the products, their usages and benefits: 

Electroplated Diamond Drill Bits for Ceramic and Glass Tiles:

Fitted with standard  round spindles to fit onto drill chucks, these diamond tipped drill bits will core a neat hole in glass or ceramic tiles, they are designed to be used with water. Fitted with electroplated diamond tips with a toothed rim to offer a neater cutting action on glass tiles.
Available in sizes 6,7,8,10,12 & 18mm to suit most tiling applications. 

You can view our range of ceramic and glass tile drill bits here: 

Premium Dry Use Tile Drill Bits:

These drill bits are the perfect solution when you need to core out holes in harder materials such as, granite, marble and porcelain without the mess of using water. These drill bits will cut through all types of tiles and they only required a standard power drill with a chuck, (always ensure that the hammer action is turned off) We would recommend using a drill guide whilst using these for extra accuracy and neater drilling.

Our dry use drill bits are made of premium grade diamond to offer the best in drilling performance, they are vacuum brazed meaning the diamond bond is extremely strong. The drill bits are filled with wax, when in use the wax will melt and release to offer a self lubrication to the drill bit meaning there is no need for the use of water to cool. 

Premium Wet Use Tile Drill Bits:

Here we show you our professional grade diamond drill bits, again these are manufactured using vauum brazing ensuring there is a large quantity of premium diamond at cutting rim. These drill bits are suitable for all tile type and for the extra hard materials, porcelain, marble, granite etc. We offer these in a large variety of sizes to cover most applications, for ease of use we supply the larger sizes (18mm +) with tungsten carbide pilot drills, they can be easily removed once drilling has started using the key supplied.

We carry good stocks of all of our diamond tile drill bits, if you require any advice of have any questions about any of our products, please do get in touch