Quick guide to our super range Of Diamond Cutting Blades for professional results, whether required for a DIY project or for Industrial use, we have the blade for you...

Diamond Cut Blades For Tiling

Tuesday, 21 January 2020  |  Admin


We supply a comprehensive range of Cutting Blades for multiple applications. From DIY projects to Industrial use, we have the blade for you. 

We stock the Tile Slysa Range in sizes 105mm to 355mm - Call us to discuss use if you are unsure on which product best suits your requirements.


The Tile Slysa Diamond Blade For Ceramic Tiles is a professional grade tile blade, Ideal for most ceramic and stone tiles with a continuous rim for clean cutting. Use wet. 



The Tile Slysa Premium For Porcelain and Glass Tiles use a higher grade of diamond cluster on a narrow rim to give a neat cut. Continuous rim with fine laser cut gullets to enable dry as well as wet use. https://www.abrasivesworld.co.uk/premium-porcelain-diamond-disc-blades.html


The Slysa Turbo Premium Ultra Thin for Hard Porcelain is the best diamond blade design. These blades achieve faster, neater cutting of the hardest grades of porcelain and granite. Integrated stiffening flange minimises flexing. Turbo edged for cool smooth cutting. Wet or dry use.



Curve Cutting Diamond Blades are dished to facilitate curve cutting tiles with an angle grinder. Turbo edged for smooth cutting. Suitable for Porcelain and ceramic tiles as well as granite.



Call us if you need advice on which blade best suits your purpose: 01768 864202