Diamond Blades For Porcelain Paving

Friday, 9 August 2019  |  Admin

Diamond Blades for Cutting Porcelain Paving

Being a specialist in diamond cutting equipment, a question that we are asked daily is "what can I use to cut porcelain paving slabs" Over the last few years porcelain paving has grown increasingly popular, due to its uniformed appearance, calibrated thickness and the requirement of minimal maintenance. This is all fantastic for the home owner, not so good news for those given the job of installing it! 

However the good news is, here at Abrasives World we have the solution..... It comes in the form of the "Tile Slysa Turbo Premium

This top quality diamond blade has been specifically manufactured to our specifications to ensure that it is up to the task of cutting the hardest of materials, not only is it capable of cutting through porcelain paving, its continuous diamond rim and turbo edge give it a smooth and fast cutting action. 

Due to their consistant reliability in this area, they are a popular choice for professional tilers and floor contractors who need to know they have a diamond blade that will get the job done. 

We stock these blades in a variety of sizes, to suit tile saws and angle grinders, for hand cutting of porcelain paving you could use the 230x22.2mm blade in an angle grinder, or the 300x20mm blade in a petrol saw.

So if you are asking yourself that question again "How to cut porcelain paving?" we would certainly recommend the "Tile Slysa Turbo Premium"

We will also add that these diamond blades are also suitable for internal porcelain tiles, marble, granite, ceramic etc. 

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