An Introduction To The Tile Slysa

Friday, 2 August 2019  |  Admin


The "Tile Slysa" is our own range of premium quality diamond cutting blades specially designed and manufactured to offer optimum cutting capabilities on a variety of different materials such as ceramic, porcelain, granite, marble etc. 

Within this range of diamond blades we offer 3 choices of Tile Slysa to fit with different requirements and budgets: Here we will give you a brief run down on each blade and their different qualities and uses.


This blade is to be used for the cutting of ceramic tiles and quarry tiles, with the use of wet tile saws or small handheld angle grinders. These diamond blades are a popular choice to replace the basic discs that are generally supplied when purchasing a wet cutting tile saw. We carry a vast choice of sizes to fit most wet tile saws from 110mm and upwards.

The "Tile Slysa" is made with a continuous diamond rim to ensure smooth cutting and avoid chipping. 

These diamond blades operate best whilst used wet, however the 100mm and 115mm sizes can be used dry on standard angle grinders. 


A thin premium diamond blade that are used to cutting porcelain, glass, ceramic, marble and granite tiles. They are suitable to be used on wet tile cutting saws as well as standard angle grinders. 

If you are working with glass tiles then this blade is usually the best choice for the job (should not be used on plate glass)

With an ultra thin blade these discs offer a neat slicing action, leaving a fine, smooth cut.  The laser cut slits in the rim are to allow for dry cutting with angle grinders. 

As with our other blades we stock most sizes to fit wet tile cutters and angle grinders.


This is the blade to use to when being posed with the common problem of how to cut hard porcelain tiles. These are our best selling diamond blades for tile cutting and are extremely popular with professional tilers and flooring contractors as they offer fast reliable cutting performance on the hardest of porcelain tiles. 

They are a very versatile blade that can be used on eingeering brick and other hard materials. 

The premium diamond segment is thin and there is a central stiffening flange to stop flexing and help with straight cutting.

As with the above blades we stock these in most sizes to fit standard wet tile saws as well as angle grinders. We also stock sizes for use on 7in and 10in circular or mitre saws.