Backing Pads

The performance and life achieved by abrasive discs is highly dependant on the backing pad. A worn or unsuitable backing pad is likely to result in uneven wear on the disc, usually showing with a worn edge and relatively unused middle.
In general it is better to chose a firmer backing pad for coarser grades and where more pressure is being applied, and a softer one for finer grades and where edge gouging is to be avoided.
For grip discs it is important to choose the correct backing pad. Grip sanding discs use relatively short hooks, whilst surface conditioning need longer hooks. Trizact discs are most commonly used on flat work and we recommend the VEL/VZ backing pads to get the best life and results.

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Backing Pads For Fibre Sanding Discs

Backing Pads For Fibre Sanding DiscsFrom:  £7.50

We stock backing pads for fibre sanding discs from 100mm to 180mm. These are also ideal for semi-flexible discs.

Backing Pads For DA Sanders

Backing Pads For DA SandersFrom:  £9.30

These backing pads fit dual action (DA) sanders. There are standard 5/16"UNF fixings and special fittings for specific sanders.

Grip Disc Backing Pads - M14 Mounted

Grip Disc Backing Pads - M14 MountedFrom:  £7.60

These backing pads are for rotary (not DA) sanders and polishers for holding grip backed discs.

Backing Pads For Surface Conditioning Discs

Backing Pads For Surface Conditioning DiscsFrom:  £16.10

Surface conditioning (SCM) discs require the deeper hooks on these backing pads.

Backing Pads For Trizact & Ceramic Grip Discs

Backing Pads For Trizact & Ceramic Grip DiscsFrom:  £9.31

These backing pads are recommended for the Cibo Trizact and ceramic grip discs to help keep a flat surface.

Holders For Quick Change, Roloc Compatible Discs

Holders For Quick Change, Roloc Compatible DiscsFrom:  £6.40

We stock holders, also referred to as backing pads, suitable for both 50mm and 75mm Roloc discs with spindle and M14 mountings.

Backing Pads For Diamond Polishing

Backing Pads For Diamond PolishingFrom:  £12.80

We stock the recommomended backing pads for both the wet and dry diamond polishing discs.

Backing Pads For Socatt Discs

Backing Pads For Socatt DiscsFrom:  £16.06

Our Socatt backing pads include holders for both angle grinders (M14 fitting) and die-grinders and drills (6mm spindle mounting).

Spindle Mounted Grip Backing Pad

Spindle Mounted Grip Backing Pad£4.70

This backing pad is for use on power drills and takes 125mm grip discs.