Abrasive Caps

We supply abrasive caps in 3 shape profiles:

  • Cylinder with flat end - ideal for finishing flat-bottomed shapes such as cylinders.
  • Cylinder with dome end - ideal for finishing curves and rounded shapes.
  • Cylinder with pointed end - giving a tip for inside corners etc.
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Flat End Cylinder Abrasive Caps

Flat End Cylinder Abrasive CapsFrom:  £85.60

Flat end cylinder abrasive caps are ideal for sanding the base, as well as the edges, of hollows and cylinders.

Dome End Cylinder Abrasive Caps

Dome End Cylinder Abrasive CapsFrom:  £85.60

Conical end cylinders are a useful shape for sanding detailed curves.

Pointed End Abrasive Caps

Pointed End Abrasive CapsFrom:  £92.80

Pointed end abrasive caps are useful for sanding inside corners of castings and fabriations.